8 Benefits Of Oak Floorboards

Wooden Flooring

Solid oak floorboards will give your home a luxurious, clean look. They particularly look great in high traffic areas of your home like hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Natural wood flooring also goes with almost any colour scheme.


Other flooring options can not compare to the qualities that solid wood floorboards can provide, especially oak floorings.  This article will walk you through the 8 benefits of oak flooring and why it is the right choice for you.

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Close Up Of Old Oak Floorboards

The 8 Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

  1. Durability – your hardwood flooring is built to last, that’s why it’s many homeowners’ first choice. Oak especially, is known for its durability. 
  2. Appearance – no two pieces of hardwood boards will be the same, knots, patterns and shades will differ. This is was gives hardwood floors character and authenticity.
  3. Value – having hardwood floors can be known to increase the value of your home due to its long term value. 
  4. Maintenance – hardwood flooring only needs to be kept clear of dirt and grit, which can be done with basic sweeping. High-quality timber is also a lot more stain-resistant than carpets, however liquid getting into your hardwood floor can cause long term problems. So make sure to get any spillages up as soon as possible. 
  5. Sustainability – due to how long oak boards can last, it is highly likely you can source old oak floorboards and reuse them within your home. This saves the environment from losing another tree. However, if you are sourcing new wood, make sure you pick a supplier who is certified by the FSC.
  6. Underfloor Heating – this can be easily installed with oak flooring. This is now considered one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.
  7. Hygiene – oak flooring is a lot more hygienic than carpet as dust can’t gather. This then prevents the problem of dust mites and allergens. 
  8. Options – as oak trees grow in a wide range of locations, each type offers a slightly different colour and pattern. This enables you to pick the oak shade that you desire.


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