Past Projects

We’ve supplied many homes with high-quality bespoke flooring.


Sarah from Manchester decided to put our vintage rustic boarding waxed and buffed down in her apartment. She was overwhelmed with the finish and as shown in the photo she got what she was looking for which was old looking boards with plenty of grain and character.

Thanks for the feedback and photo – Lee and the team


Jonathan from south London wanted some reclaimed Victorian pine flooring to match his dining room floorboards, these were 6.75″ wide 20mm thick from, he decided to order a sample from our eBay shop once received he had no hesitation with the match and ordered a further 85sq meters. He was delighted with the finish and look so decided to post a picture to us with some wonderful feedback.

Thanks, Jonathan – Lee and the team


Stan from Bristol gave us a call for some of our expert advice on hardwood flooring, he explained he was building an outhouse and wanted a gym going in the outhouse so needed hardwood flooring, after explaining all reclaimed timber floors are hardwearing as they’ve 100 years plus to age. he decided to order a sample of 3, we decided pitch pine was best suited for him with a nice tight grain and lovely natural colours to finish with an Osmo Polyx-oil. Stan was over the moon and after getting in touch 3 months later to tell us how hardwearing, great looking and also the wonderful compliments he has had.

Thanks, Stan pleasure doing business – Lee and the team


Geoff from York decided he wanted to clad his living room wall to match his 1900,s house with our old rustic wall cladding (this can also be used for your floors). after making him an appointment at our workshop he soon was amazed at the stock we carry and how well aged these boards looked with plenty of distress and patina” just what I wanted”. Once Geoff had finished his living room he then decided to clad his work office he then sent us a picture of them both and was overwhelmed and so where we.

Thanks, Geoff – Lee and the team.


Phill from stoke had a drive to the workshop for a look at our products he explained he wanted some old vintage boards for his dining room, hallway and kitchen. after seeing our 11″ wide reclaimed rustic boards he wanted to take them home. we explained there is a 7-day waiting list which he was happy with. Once laid he gave it 2 coats of matt clear floor varnish and was astonished he chose our firm which we were very happy to hear.

Thanks, Phill – Lee and the team.