Antique Pine Floorboards

Ethically Reclaimed Flooring

Antique Pine Floorboards

Ethically sourced by our experts across the United Kingdom, our antique pine floorboards might just be the perfect addition to your home. 


Curated and treated by our experienced team, only the best examples of true antique flooring make the grade and become part of our collection. Right now, this flooring comes in the form of light, airy pine floorboards restored back to their former glory. 


For over 20 years, we have been finding and treating truly unique bespoke floorboards. Our team search far and wide, and come back with one-of-a-kind flooring we know you will love. Why not browse our collection and see if you find something you love?

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Reclaimed Antique Pine Flooring in attic

Reclaimed Flooring: How We Do It

The most important part of our process is finding truly unique floorboards no longer used by their original owners. From old schools to derelict houses, our team knows just where to look to source the flooring you’ll love. 


Then comes the treatment. Just like all of our flooring, our antique pine floorboards go through a rigorous treatment process. Imperfections are removed, and the boards strengthened so you know  your new flooring will last a lifetime.


We think reclaimed antique flooring is sure to add a flare to your home. Agree with us? Browse our full collection below to see what we have in stock for you right now:

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