The Different Types of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring
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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is an option that is increasingly popular with homeowners in search of a touch of rustic charm and timeless elegance for their homes. In essence, reclaimed wood is discarded or previously used wood which has been recovered and refurbished to serve a new purpose, in this case, flooring. The restoration process enhances the unique history of each piece, transforming every plank into an exquisite reflection of its past. This detailed guide introduces you to the variety of reclaimed wood flooring types available.

Barn Wood Flooring

Barn wood flooring is exactly that – salvaged from old barns, typically over a hundred years old. This type of wood mainly consists of varieties like oak, pine, and chestnut, offering a broad palette of natural colours, weathered textures, and rich, varied grains. Barn wood flooring provides a distinctively rustic look that brings the nostalgia and traditional allure of the countryside into your home.

Tobacco Pine Flooring

Tobacco pine is specifically reclaimed from old tobacco factories and warehouses. The wood absorbs the dark, rich oils from the tobacco during its processing period. This infuses the pine with a characteristic deep colouration, a feature that sets it apart from other types of reclaimed wood. Moreover, the often-present nail-holes and marks add a touch of authenticity and character to this type of flooring.

Teak Wood Flooring

Mainly recovered from old boats and ships, demolished structures, and occasionally railway tracks, reclaimed teak flooring brings the durability of a hardwood and the unique charm of the sea into your home. Teak is known for its longevity, water resistance, and a patina that darkens over time, making it perfect for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens where moisture levels tend to be high.

Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir is a softer wood, reclaimed from old industrial buildings, factories, and warehouses. It is particularly admired for its striking colour variations – ranging from yellow to reddish-brown. Although softer than hardwoods like oak and teak, Douglas Fir proves to be extremely resilient and sturdy when correctly maintained, providing a good-looking floor for many years.

Mixed Hardwood Flooring

Embracing a variety, mixed hardwood flooring uses several wood species – oak, maple, cherry, walnut – each with differences in grains, textures, and hues. The result is a mixed display that delivers a unique patchwork effect, adding warmth and visual interest to any room.

Choosing reclaimed wood for your flooring allows the inherent beauty and history of the wood to be revealed while also endorsing sustainable living by reducing the demand for newly harvested wood. However, it is vital to thoroughly vet the source of reclaimed wood to ensure it’s free from chemicals, pests, and other potentially harmful elements for a healthy home environment.

To conclude, each type of reclaimed wood flooring has its own set of attributes and considerations. It’s advisable to consult with a flooring specialist to align your choice of reclaimed wood type with the functional requirements and aesthetic preferences of your home or commercial space.

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