Everything You Need to Know About Timber Flooring

What is reclaimed timber?

If you want to create a beautiful living space while considering your environmental footprint, reclaimed timber flooring is the way to go. But how do you know if reclaimed timber flooring is right for you before you adopt it?


By the end of this guide, you will know what reclaimed timber is, its pros and cons, and how we do it. Moreover, you will decide whether or not reclaimed timber flooring is for you. 


In layman’s language, reclaimed timber is old timber or used wood that we reclaim from structures like buildings, barns, warehouses, poles, ranches, and so forth. Instead of leaving such timber to dry and rot, we restore the wood and use them on floors, table tops, countertops, decks, and panelling. The possibilities are endless.

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Benefits of reclaimed timber flooring

Eco friendly

Reclaimed timber is eco-friendly since we use old wood, not new timber—hence, there is no need to cut down trees. So you can imagine the environmental impact reclaimed timber has.


Since reclaimed timber uses old timber from old structures that came from ancient trees, the timber from such trees is robust. They can live for years before rotting. Such trees rank high on the Janka scale—sadly, some of them have gone extinct. If you use them on your floors, you will achieve longevity.


Reclaimed timber flooring has a unique colour compared to new timber. Over time, reclaimed lumber develops different unique colourations that make them appealing. This is not the case with new timber, which usually has only one uniform colour. The unique colourations tell the story of the harsh elements of nature the timber has overcome.

Easy maintenance

If you want to increase the life expectancy of your timber floors, you must maintain them. Even though reclaimed timber requires frequent maintenance, it is easier and cheaper to keep than other flooring types, like carpet floors. All you have to do is sweep, mop, or vacuum them.

Cons of reclaimed timber flooring


If you use timber you didn’t reclaim properly; you might experience pests, bugs, and infestations. You want to avoid this at all costs because these infestations might spread to your furniture and house and cost you big time—ensure you get professionally reclaimed timber flooring.


Just because reclaimed timber is second-hand doesn’t mean it is cheap. Reclaimed wood is rare and unique and difficult to come by, giving sellers the right to charge more. Not to mention, the milling process it undergoes may raise the production cost, making it costly.

Fewer choices

Reclaimed timber lacks variety since there are limited reclaimed timber sources. This is not the case with new wood, which is readily ava

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