Reclaimed Floorboards:
Sanded & Stained

reclaimed flooring For Your Home

Bespoke Reclaimed Floorboards

Our unique floorboards, all sanded and stained for a beautiful finish, come in a variety of styles. We know that you have just the right look in mind for your home. That’s why we offer ever-expanding options for you to choose between. 


But that’s not all; we also know just how important it is to make sure your new floorboard last. Because of this, we make sure our flooring is sanded and stained to keep it looking new. 


Check out our full collection today, and see which of our bespoke floorboards might fit into your home.

reclaimed Victorian Original Floorboards
Rustic Floorboards, Waxed & Buffed

Restoring our Floorboards

Our expert team have spent their careers sourcing and restoring beautiful reclaimed flooring. Once they have found the floorboards they want to use, our restoration process can begin.


Each of the floorboards we sell are sanded and stained, finished to fit perfectly into your home. Simply pick out the style you want, and wait to see how much you’ll love your new flooring. 


Browse our full collection today to see the variety of options we have in stock.

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