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Pine Flooring

Wide pine flooring is highly durable and can still be used after 100 years of use, and even older. It is hard to find wooden flooring with rich, warm colouring and tight grain unless it has been reclaimed. Our wide pine floorboards extenuate any room, making the room look larger and modern. Adding that extra bit of character can be the perfect addition that you’ve been looking for. 


Pine flooring also tends to be much more budget-friendly than other hardwoods and is usually half the price of other timbers such as oak, maple, and mahogany. This will be extremely beneficial if you wanted to cover a large surface with floorboards.

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Rustic Floorboards, Waxed & Buffed

Pitch Pine Flooring

One of our personal favourites is our rich coloured pitch pine floorboards which are now commonly used for decorative beans, heavy constructional work or shipbuilding. These are a good choice for those looking for floorboards that will last them a lifetime, however, this will involve taking care of the floorboards to keep them looking pristine. 


All of our floorboards are thoroughly checked before they are sent out to customers, making sure there are no defects in the timber. This means we carefully check what we buy for any signs of woodworm rot or general unsuitability to ensure your end product is perfect.