Reclaimed Pitch Pine Flooring

Beautifully bespoke

Beautifully Reclaimed Pitch Pine Flooring.

If you are on the hunt for something to add a touch of warmth to the home, there is no better way than using gorgeous pitch pine. 

Not only does pitch pine look spectacular it also is practical. Cut from reclaimed bulk beams and planed to a thickness of 20mm, Pitch pine is an unbelievably strong rival of oak floorboards, but this comes as no surprise when you witness the tight grain and rich colour in person! Consequently, you’ll instantly fall in love with its rich rustic looks as well as its permanence.


Browse our antique flooring today, or drop us a message if there’s a specific finish you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Reclaimed Pitch Pine Floorboards
Reclaimed Pitch Pine Floorboards

Lifetime Guarantee.

We can whole-heartedly promise that these floorboards are the ultimate choice for your home. Adding character, durability and comfort to your floors. 


Worry less about pets and children on the floor, as these floors are made to last a lifetime, not forgetting to mention how quickly you can clean them. These boards are a clean, effective way to keep your home tidy and dust-free, the perfect alternative to carpets especially for loved ones who suffer from asthma or other allergies.


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