Why Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Why choose reclaimed wood flooring? The answer lies in its unparalleled combination of beauty, history, and sustainability. Reclaimed wood flooring offers a unique aesthetic that is impossible to replicate with new materials. Each plank has its own story, rich with character and patina developed over decades, which adds a sense of heritage and authenticity to your home. This distinct charm makes reclaimed wood flooring a versatile choice that effortlessly enhances various interior styles, from rustic farmhouse to sleek modern spaces. Furthermore, the rich tones and intricate grain patterns of reclaimed wood create a visually captivating foundation that sets the tone for an inviting and warm atmosphere.

In addition to its striking visual appeal, reclaimed wood flooring is an eco-friendly choice that supports sustainable living. By repurposing wood from old buildings, barns, and factories, you help reduce the demand for newly harvested timber and the deforestation that accompanies it. This practice not only preserves natural forests but also minimizes waste and reduces the carbon footprint associated with processing new wood. Reclaimed wood is often more durable and stable, having already weathered years of environmental conditions, making it a long-lasting investment for your home. Embracing the benefits of reclaimed wood flooring means making a conscious decision to prioritize both aesthetic beauty and environmental responsibility.

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Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Environment Friendly

Using reclaimed wood decreases the demand for virgin wood from the trees. Serving to preserve trees rather than lessen them, which favours the environment. Moreover, the steps of processing new wood impact the environment. The cumulative energy used to make virgin woods compared to reclaimed ones is about 13 times more. Another environmental aspect of reclaimed lumber is that it is a great insulator. When used as flooring in your building or structures, it traps the air due to its cellular structure. This makes our dwellings more ambient.


Items built from reclaimed wood are more durable and stronger. Reclaimed lumber comes from old structures built from the most stable old timbers. It’s a fact that most of these old buildings and structures have stood strong for over 50 years. After years of exposure to elements, the wood becomes resistant to warping. No wonder reclaimed woods boast of more than 40 points on the Janka scale ahead of virgin timbers.


The virgin woods harvesting is one of the leading causes of deforestation which negatively impacts the environment. Although trees are renewable resources, they get cut faster than they grow. Reclaimed wood has no negative effects on the environment. Instead, it’s a great way of supporting the circular economy. It is thus the best flooring alternative as it helps us maintain the eco-system equilibrium.


Each piece of reclaimed wood owns a different interesting history. They enjoy the depth and aspects that no identical pieces of wood do. Most of those reclaimed wood species used for flooring are already extinct or very rare. Therefore, each piece of timber owns a unique heritage from different sources. Good examples of such species are Merbau, Keruing etc. This unique heritage adds an extra stylish appeal to your finished projects.

Wood Panelling

Reclaimed wood panelling comes with various textures comparable to flooring options. This wood flooring panel also comes in different designs, types, and colours. As a rule, something made from brand-new wood is also possible to make using recycled wood. As a tip, create that specific look using recycled materials friendly to the surroundings. Again, opting for reclaimed wood will save you a lot of cash.

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