Reclaimed Floorboards UK

Beautifully bespoke

Reclaimed Floorboards UK

Are you in the UK and looking for floorboards that can bring some new decor and spice to your home? Here at Reclaimed Antique Flooring we develop and craft floorboards that are of the highest quality at a cheap and affordable price. With us sourcing all of our wood from run-down properties they are all repurposed to a new and better place.  

All of the wood is then taken to our yard where it is repurposed as Floorboards with the highest attention to quality and sanding taken to the boards.

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11 inch reclaimed pitch pine
kitchen reclaimed flooring

Beauty in Style

Our Floorboards can bring a new style into your home that has never been seen before. With the floorboards being made to the best quality they can withstand a large amount of the damage that will be thrown at them in the coming years.


All of our floorboards have unique stories and origins coming from multiple different backgrounds and we believe that everything deserves a second chance to prove themselves.

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