Reclaimed Floorboards:
Waxed & Buffed

reclaimed flooring For Your Home

Top Quality Finish.

Our antique floorboards can be waxed to perfection and then buffed once dry to bring the 10o-year-old flooring back to life. It helps in preserving the rustic look on each and every floorboard, totally unique and bespoke to your home!


If you’re looking for a way to add character to a generic new build or a home in need of some tender love and care then our waxed and buffed reclaimed flooring could be the solution for you!


Check out our full collection today, and see which of our bespoke floorboards might suit your style.

Rustic Floorboards - Waxed & Buffed - in Living Room
Rustic Floorboards - Waxed & Buffed

Restoring our Floorboards

We are experts when it comes to sourcing and restoring antique flooring. By searching far and wide for only the best wood we can guarantee the floorboards we lay are of the highest quality and have undergone extensive restoration techniques by our team.


It’s no wonder that our clients love the results, and you will too! Why not take a look at our past projects for yourself if you don’t believe us.


Ready to be overwhelmed with your flooring and its finish? Browse our online collection of reclaimed flooring today, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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