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Reclaimed Antique Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Flooring based in Yorkshire have been reclaiming and upsourcing the best quality bespoke boards and cladding for over 20 years. Our industry leading processes and techniques ensures a quality finish, every time.

From victorian pitch pine to hardy oak and kiln-dried floorboards, our expert teams convert old antique boards into refreshing new pieces that retain their authentic look and feel, all based out of our reclamation yard based in the heart of Yorkshire.


Browse our online collection to view the latest quality bespoke flooring we have in stock. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us for more information, or if there’s a specific finish you’d like and can’t find in our store. We’ll do our best to source it for you.

reclaimed rustic flooring finish
living room with rustic wall cladding

From the Yard to your Home.

At each stage of the process – from the source, to the yard, to your home – our team take great care in ensuring the wood, furniture or boards are of the highest quality. Through rigorous examination, testing and checking, the wood is treated with the utmost respect, in order to retain that tried & tested quality our clients come to expect.

Once at the yard, the wood is treated with various different finishes to ensure the boards keep their character, but retain their toughness and strength. Any defects are ironed out or simply to discarded, and we’re left with the fantastic boards, sanded and ready to lay in your property.

If you’re looking for something truly bespoke, you’re in good hands with Reclaimed Antique Flooring. Explore our wide range of wood boards below:

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