Types Of Wooden Flooring

From ultra-modern condominiums to rustic cabins, there’s no home where hardwood floors feel out of space. This type of wooden flooring is the most timeless building material. This enduring look of hardwood flooring comes in many types and styles depending on your needs and budget. 

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is where each board is made from a piece of hardwood fitted using a groove or tongue. It is the most common wooden flooring type when considering hardwood floors. The floor is made of planks cut from a single piece of wood, with the top plank finished by coating it with a protective layer.


The solid wood floor is robust and can last as long as the house. It’s ideal when looking to add visual appeal to a home while also adding value in case you put it on the market. Different wood choices with varying hardness ratings indicate how easily they can be damaged. The floor can be refinished several times to restore its beauty.



  • It has beautiful aesthetics
  • Long lasting and more durable than any other hardwood floor type
  • Low maintenance
  • The warming feeling of real wood
  • Luxury finish that adds value to a property



  • Not ideal for underfloor heating
  • Swells in damp conditions
  • Expensive
Installing hardwood flooring

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laminate floor

Laminate Flooring

This is the most cost-effective wood flooring that will also last long. It’s made by compressing layers of fiberboards together and placing a photographic image of food grain over the fiberboards. A protective coating is then added to prevent damage. Laminate flooring is preferred for frequently cleaned areas as the protective laminated finish prevents damage from mild cleaning solutions. It is suitable for high-traffic areas like living rooms, play rooms, and stairs.



  • Withstands a certain amount of wear
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to install
  • A wide choice of styles



  • Its lacks the authentic feel of natural woods
  • A damaged surface is hard to fix
  • Its cannot be refinished

Hardwood Flooring is a timeless look and gives the house a warm feel. There are different wood types to choose from when using hardwood flooring for your home. The most popular ones are oak, walnut, ash, and hickory. Each wood species has a unique style, aesthetics, and colouring. If you need quality hardwood flooring for your home, contact us. We are an established reclaimed flooring company with quality craftsmen and years of experience in wooden flooring.