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At Reclaimed Antique Flooring we aspire to bring all of our customers’ visions to life. This means delivering professional and expert advice and service. Our well-knowledged technicians have been working within the industry for over 25 years, guaranteeing you reliable and trustworthy results.


All of our stock is carefully curated to ensure that there are no defaults with the timber we provide to our customers. We correctly check each timber for signs of woodworm or just general unusability to make sure that all of our end products are perfect!


One of our favourite timbers are our reclaimed victorian floorboards which are perfect when wanting to make a house a home. These floorboards are sourced from a mill in Manchester and are extremely rare to find. Victorian flooring is the perfect addition to any home when craving some more warmth and aesthetic.

reclaimed victorian Original Floorboards

Interested In Victorian Floorboards For Your Home?

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lounge with bespoke wood floorboards

Reclaimed Victorian Floorboards

This characterful timber is definitely a popular choice within homes adding a sense of traditionality as well as being appealing. Age gives reclaimed wood much more durability and strength making it much more dense as opposed to new wood.


Reclaimed floorboards give you the opportunity to bring a great investment into your home as well as expanding the beauty of your property right down to your flooring.


Alternatively, we offer a wide range of timbers which you might be interested in or if there’s a specific finish that you require, feel free to get in touch with us for more information. If you are looking for some aesthetic within your property, look no further.