Reclaimed Victorian Pine Floorboards

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Victorian Pine Flooring

At Reclaimed Antique Flooring we are passionate about restoring boards that we have reclaimed. We have a huge variety of products, all of which we are very proud of. However, our classic reclaimed Victorian Pine floorboards are a huge standout.


These floorboards have been painstakingly milled from authentic Victorian Pine beams by our dedicated craftsmen. The nails that were in the beams had to be delicately removed by our team to ensure that the wood was not damaged. We then used a machine to cut the beams into floorboards of varying widths to ensure we produced a product to best suit your needs.


Whilst this wood is mainly used for the purpose of flooring, due to the woods unique properties it would also work as wall cladding. This would create a beautiful feature wall in your home that we are sure would become a fantastic conversation starter.

By choosing our reclaimed Victorian Pine flooring, you would not only be adding a fantastic feature to your home, but you would be doing it in an environmentally friendly way. Reclaimed floorboards will give you quality whilst also being eco-friendly.

reclaimed Victorian Original Floorboards

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Our Company

At Reclaimed Antique Flooring we are passionate about providing our customers with a top-quality product and experience. We are a well established reclaimed flooring company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our dedicated team of craftsmen each bring their own unique skills to ensure you get the best products possible.


With our years of experience, we know how to properly source and carefully select each floorboard. We check all the wood for preexisting damage, rot and woodworm before we take it to our workshop. Only the top quality boards will be sold on once we have completed our restoration process.


We offer a wide variety of flooring types and styles that would be the perfect addition to any home. We even can finish the boards in a range of ways, from hand-sanding to floor staining. Our passion is bringing old floorboards back to life ready for your home.

If you are interested in finding unique eco-friendly flooring for your home then check out our collection of floorboards. To learn more about our reclaimed floorboards get in touch with us today.