Why Choose Reclaimed Oak Floorboards?


Reclaimed Oak Floorboards?

Bring a more rustic and historical feel to your home with our antique oak floorboards, which have no equal when it comes to high and bespoke quality. Oak is commonly appreciated for its quality and authenticity making it a durable and reliable choice of floorboard for any home. This will also be good to place in busier and more functioning areas of a house or a building to ensure any dents or imperfections.


The characterful parts of oak floorboards help to give natural knots and an authentic colour variation within a room. the investment in these floorboards will always benefit its consumer as it will increase the value of your home and can significantly boost the sale speed of your property. 


Antique oak floorboards have many benefits which will only add to your homes or buildings, such as easy maintenance, a timeless finish and design, being environmentally friendly and its resistance to fungus.  

Rustic Floorboards - Waxed & Buffed

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Leftover Oak Flooring Projects

Hardwood flooring scraps can be used to create further projects such as a hardwood bench and table tops which can be used in hallways, kitchens, as a dining table and many more including garden furniture.


Countertops can also be made from leftover oak which when used within the same property can really tie into the antique oak floorboards previously placed. When using this within a home it adds much more characteristics throughout a room rather than just one use of wood.


Invest in your property today adding more character and warmth with the use of our Reclaimed Oak Floorboards, available at £135.00 per square meter. Our expert team can help you to find the perfect flooring for you which will transform not only the look of your property but also the feel!